Safety concerns at Maunalua Bay

Maunalua Bay

It’s an attraction enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

Maunalua Bay is a hotspot usually filled with boats, fishermen, divers, and other water enthusiasts.

A sign is posted in the parking lot, informing bay users of the regulations. The color-coding shows where you can go, and even indicates the speed limits.

But some say not everyone is following the rules.

“I think they’re following the rules according to their own interpretation to them. I think some of them don’t know the rules, No. 1. And No. 2, I think those that do it, cut corners,” said Rep. Gene Ward (R) Hawaii Kai, Kalama Valley.

We spoke to people who use Maunalua Bay. Many of them have seen some close calls in the water and say more education could help.

“One of the biggest concerns that I have is seeing jet skiers and people that’s paying to learn to do stuff and they’re not being properly trained. And if they are being properly trained, they’re not abiding by what they were trained to do before they got out on the water,” said Antonia Kim, a McCully resident.

“Well, infrequently, but certainly of concern are motorized boats not obeying the no wake limits of the boating channels, which could pose a danger to kids out here swimming, community members using the boat using the channel in the bay for paddling, even recreational fishermen,” said Adam Roversi, a Hawaii Kai resident.

Others say the bay is relatively safe.

“Just like the millions of cars we have here, you’re never gonna stop accidents. I mean, it’s just a law of probability. Enough people, enough volume, something may happen. But looking at it at a statistician-wise, I really think Maunalua Bay has a very good record,” said Jeff Krantz, owner of SeaBreeze H2O Sports.

The state says everyone should be more vigilant when they’re out on the water.

“We have multiple users using the same area and so what we all need to do is we all need to be cognizant of each other’s uses and the need for those uses,” said William Aila, Department of Land and Natural Resources Chairman.

For more information about ocean recreation and safety, visit this website.

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