Kailua auto theft suspects caught on camera

Auto theft suspect caught on camera. Courtesy: Treston Silva

Early Saturday morning, two men pulled into the parking lot of this apartment building on Kainehe Street.

In the video, one of the suspects gets out and takes a quick peek through the passenger window. He makes sure the coast is clear, before attempting to pick the lock.

That didn’t work, so the suspect went to the other side of the vehicle and busted the backseat window to get in.

Twenty minutes later, the suspects were gone.

“Taking a look at this video, what goes through your mind?” KHON2 asked.

“When I first looked at it, it was just shocking to see people are right downstairs while we’re sleeping and just breaking into my car,” said Treston Silva, a Kailua resident. “I just feel like I lost a sense of security, I guess, knowing that it happened at my home.”

But it didn’t end there. The thieves came back 40 minutes later. They managed to get the car started and drove off.

As for valuables, the thieves made off with a $4,000 sound system. They also have Silva’s textbooks, which he’ll need since he’s set to graduate from college next month.

“It just seems like this is an inconvenience at a very bad time,” KHON2 said.

“Yes, it’s a horrible time for this to happen, but we’re just happy during this incident, nobody got hurt,” Silva said.

Silva alerted Honolulu police. They told him the car the suspects used to get to his home was stolen.

We wanted to know if similar crimes were happening in the area. So we checked out HPD’s crime-mapping website. Since March 1, there have been seven auto thefts and 16 car break-ins within a one-mile radius of the latest incident.

We also reached out to the Kailua Neighborhood Board. The chairperson says they’re well aware of these crimes, and are working with police and neighborhood watch groups.

“It shows that no matter what neighborhood you live in, it’s always going to have its share of crimes. And that people just need to be more aware and if there is any suspicious activity, just to let HPD know or let anyone in the neighborhood know,” Silva said.

If you recognize the suspects or have any information about this case, call police.

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