Mayor Caldwell gives progress report on rail after meeting with transportation officials in Washington, D.C.

Mayor Kirk Caldwell

Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell returned from Washington, D.C. Friday night and took part in the Duke Kahanamoku festival in Waikiki Sunday morning.

Caldwell was in D.C. with transportation officials to follow up on the city’s progress with regard to progress on funding of the city’s rail transit project.

“They assured us that we get $250 million a year – this is our third year of $250 million. As long as they keep with the schedule that they promised we’re going to be okay because you can plan with that. And we know it’s going to be there every year. It’s kind of like paying on a promissory note.” Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell said.

The mayor said now that two lawsuits against the project are out of the way, he expects the rail project to move forward as planned.

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