Several bills aim to increase penalties for illegal dumping

It was a September truck spill that brought to light the illegal dumping of sludge dredged from Hawaii Kai Marina. Councilwoman Kymberly Pine will introduce a bill this week that would raise the penalty for such dumping.

“We’re fining them these small amounts and they’re finding they can make more money by someone paying them to illegally dump their material on our land.” Honolulu City Council Member Kymberly Pine said.

Pine’s proposal would increase fines for illegal dumping.

“One bill in particular will increase the fines 500%. If you’re a repeat offender, that could go up to a thousand percent. So you could technically be fined $10-15,000 a day.” Pine said.

We found out today, dredging at the Hawaii Kai Marina has been put on hold until a suitable dumping site can be found. Pine says, it should NOT be illegally dumped in Waianae.

“The reasons these bills are here is because the local community especially the Waianae coast have had enough. And they said, we need to make these fines stiffer. And we need to do something to stop this illegal dumping.” Pine said.

Pine and other leeward coast residents say the west side has long been the place where refuse is left. She says, for many years, residents put up with that.

“They used to turn the other way when things like this happened. And it was actually a Waianae resident who brought this to light and said – they’re starting to report, people that are bringing truckloads of things into our community so I don’t think we feel that any more.” Pine said.

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