Crowds gather at lunar eclipse viewing parties

Photo: Bishop Museum

There are several viewing parties on Oahu including one at Kapiolani park.

The total lunar eclipse as seen from Waikiki They call it a blood moon because of how red it is.

The earth is between the sun and moon. The moon is in the shadow of the earth — so think of the sun on one side, the earth in the middle and the moon on the other side.

Unlike a solar eclipse, you don’t need special eye protection to see this.

The last time we saw a total lunar eclipse was back in December of 2011 about two and a half years ago.

There will be another chance later this year to see a lunar eclipse in October.

Monday night’s total lunar eclipse is the first in a series of four.

The Bishop museum was packed for its lunar eclipse viewing party tonight.

The museum says 1,000 people reserved a spot for the event.

“We learned very quickly that folks turn out in big numbers for real astronomy events in Hawaii. There’s a real hunger. to see real events even in this modern techy age. Folks really want to see a true solar or lunar eclipse,” said Mike Shanahan of the Bishop Museum.

The next total lunar eclipse will take place in October.

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