MA’O Organic Farms to return to farmers markets

KCC Farmers' Market

Ma’o Organic Farms is planning to return to farmers markets.

It’s been nearly a month since 27-year-old Annie Runland was killed after being hit by a truck belonging to Ma’o Farms.

The organization has been absent from the Kapiolani Community College farmers’ market ever since. Monday, Ma’o said it has been observing a period of healing, and is working on a plan to return to farmers markets, and other venues. It also said it continues to cooperate with the official police investigation into the accident.

After the accident, KCC market organizers implemented new rules. That includes strict guidelines about public access. They’re making sure people don’t enter before opening, and are out of there when it closes. That’s to give vendors enough time and space to complete setup and breakdown. There are also limits on when vehicles can be driven in the vendor area, and requirements that drivers have assistance in guiding vehicles.

Here’s the full statement from Ma’o Organic Farms about the tragedy:

“With the completion of a lunar moon phase, the MAʻO ʻohana has observed a cultural protocol of ka manawa kuluwaimaka, a period of quietude, reflection and healing toward reconciliation and restoration.

The MAʻO ʻohana continues to send its deepest sympathies and condolences to those impacted by the tragic events that took place at the Kapi`olani Community College Farmers’ Market on March 14th, 2014, most especially- we send our aloha to the ʻohana of Anne Runland.

In the weeks and months ahead, the MAʻO ʻohana will continue to cooperate with the official HPD investigation. We are also committed to making gracious space for mihi- for the continued reflection, healing and strengthening of all of our co-producers including our vendors, customers, staff, youth leaders, and families.

As we emerge from this period of reflection, MA`O’s programmatic ‘ohana will also be contemplating our sail plan so that we may navigate forward and continue our commitment and kuleana: to grow community leaders and organic food for a sustainable Hawaiʻi.

To this end, the leadership team has articulated a provisional work plan, and will be working with our Co-Producers to return to the farmers markets and other venues. Further details of this plan will be forthcoming.”

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