Noisy bent grate in Waikiki, a nuisance since November

Noisy bent grate in Waikiki
Noisy bent grate in Waikiki

There will be night time noise when you live in an urban environment, but this noise could be easily fixed.

A bent plate sits on the corner of Kapuni and Cleghorn Streets, and there is no question that cars running over it creates a loud noise. Even louder at night when the sound echoes around the apartment buildings, including the Waikiki Lanais two blocks away.

“This is what I listen to ten times a night,” resident Larry Mackey said.

Mackey and other residents say it should be an easy fix.

“It’s just a piece of diamond plate steel. Anybody could buy it at Sand Island Access, any welding shop in town. Now, all night – every car that hits it just – BANG, BANG, BANG. So we’re awakened every hour on the hour since last November,” Mackey said.

Kapuni Street is a back road, just off Kuhio Avenue. Mackey said cab drivers use the street as a short cut to avoid the stop lights on Kuhio. Mackey has been trying to find an answer to the problem for about five months.

“Since last November, a large truck ran over this and bent it. So I started out calling [the] City and County. Thought it was theirs. They told me it wasn’t theirs it was Hawaiian Tel,” Mackey said.

KHON2 called Hawaiian Telcom and by this afternoon they sent a manager to check on the problem.

Hawaiian Telcom didn’t want to talk on camera, but acknowledges problems with the steel plate and said today in a statement the company “verified that the cover to our pull box, which contains underground cables had been broken. As a temporary fix, to help reduce the noise, we put cones around the box so motorists can avoid it.”

Mackey said the cones placed around the plate are often stolen.

KHON2 asked Mackey what he would like to see done.

“Just fix it. I even thought about flipping it over myself but I’d get in trouble for that probably,” Mackey said.

Mackey is not alone in looking for a solution to the noise problem.

“I’m usually a sound sleeper but that thing’s pretty loud. I hear it as much as I hear the tsunami horn – you know, it’s loud,” resident Doug Circone said.

KHON2 will be in touch with Mackey and Hawaiian Telcom to see what long term solution can be found.


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