Hawaii runner returns to Boston Marathon

Margie and Kit Smith

Tuesday marks the one-year anniversary of the deadly bombings at the Boston Marathon.

Last year, three people were killed and more than 260 injured when bombs went off near the finish line.

Several Hawaii residents took part in last year’s Boston Marathon and, despite the tragedy, many are going back this year to run again.

One of those runners is Kit Smith. He and Margie, his wife of nearly 55 years, still vividly recall what happened exactly one year ago.

“I remember when I was stopped, somebody said two bombs went off at the finish line, and I just said spontaneously, to nobody in particular, that this is the biggest news story in the world,” Kit Smith said.

“Kit borrowed a cell phone and called me and I knew he was okay,” Margie Smith said. “I also knew that the bombs were at the finish line, and I knew from his time that he shouldn’t be there.”

Despite the tragedy, the couple can’t wait to get back, not just to the race, but to the city’s resilient people.

“The crowds are, as you say, they know what they are doing,” Margie Smith said. “They’re awesome people, so it’s a wonderful sort of a city-wide activity.”

“Just looking around and sort of sharing the sense of…We’re here again and we want to have another crack at this, and get this done right, and just too pay tribute,” said Kit Smith. “The response was just amazing of the people. I don’t know any other city that could have matched Boston. There is something special about Boston.”


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