Hawaiian Telcom fixes loose steel plate in Waikiki

Waikiki residents are looking forward to a good night’s sleep following KHON2’s story about a loose steel platethat made a loud noise when cars ran over it.

KHON2 talked with Hawaiian Telcom about the problem and on Tuesday a temporary fix was made.

Apartment dwellers near Kapuni and Cleghorn won’t have to put up with that banging steel plate any more.

On Monday, KHON2 visited with some of the neighbors and discovered that indeed, a bent steel plate made a loud noise every time a car ran over it.

That happened at all hours of the day and night.

The plate covers a Hawaiian Telcom junction box.

So today Hawaiian Tel came out and they worked here for a couple of hours with a full staff. Looks to me like a temporary fix, but if it’s quiet, I think the whole neighborhood will really appreciate it. I’d like to thank Kirk and Channel 2, Waikiki resident Larry Mackey said.

Hawaiian Telcom says a permanent fix will be made in the near future.

KHON2 will check back with Hawaiian Tel about progress on a permanent fix.

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