Maui fire chief gets top marks in annual evaluation

Maui County Fire Chief Jeffrey Murray

Maui County Fire Chief Jeffrey Murray has performed “exceptionally well,” according to an annual evaluation by the county’s Fire and Public Safety Commission.

This evaluation is mandated by the Maui County Charter.

The evaluation takes into consideration the categories of leadership, budget preparation, annual review and update of the MFD strategic plan, department participation in community activities, communication, maintaining leadership and promoting a professional presence in the community and supervising the merger of the Ocean Safety Department from the Parks Department to MFD as directed by the charter amendment.

“His continued effort to move the Department forward in the area of having MFD is a challenge that he has not wavered toward completion,” says Commission chairman William Soares.

Under Murray’s leadership, Maui’s fire department was the first statewide to have MFD recruits train with the State Fire recruits.

The Commission lauded Murray work in the face of challenges like economic issues, emergencies, and equipment and building acquisition and maintenance.

“Maui County is in good hands with the entire team that is present at the Maui County Fire Department,” Soares said.

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