State continues to battle coconut rhino beetle

coconut rhinoceros beetle

The state is continuing to take the fight to the giant coconut rhino beetle.

This pest was discovered on the island last December.

The beetle bores into the crowns of coconut palm trees either killing the trees or making them vulnerable to infections.

State and federal agriculture officials, together with the University of Hawaii still have their mulch traps at ground zero which is on a golf course at the Joint Base Hickam-Pearl Harbor.

Officials said on Thursday they continue to capture the beetles although the count has come down since they first set the traps.

Officials hope to keep this infestation within the two mile zone at the golf course.

Officials also want the public to keep an eye out for these pests – and report any findings to the state agriculture department.  Call the State Pest Hotline at 643-PEST (643-7378).

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