Fundraiser to be held for a Mililani toddler fighting leukemia

A 14-month-old Mililani toddler is in the fight of his life and friends and family are doing their part to help.

Elias is the son of Kelsi and Ian Hasegawa. The mother says a few months ago, Elias started showing signs that something was wrong. He was pale, had lost his appetite and wasn’t playful.

On February 11, six days after his first birthday, their pediatrician delivered the devastating news that Elias had leukemia.

“He had ordered a blood test. So we went to get the blood drawn and he called us back the next morning before his office hours, so kind of had a feeling that something wasn’t right,” father Ian Hasegawa said.

“He basically told us that something in his bone marrow was wrong so he was going to refer us to an oncologist and so right when I heard oncologist, I just broke down,” mother Kelsi Hasegawa said.

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