Accused Oregon water supply urinator talks

Accused Oregon water supply urinator Dallas Swonger
Accused Oregon water supply urinator Dallas Swonger

Portland, OR (KATU/CNN) – In Portland, Oregon, a teen accused of peeing in the city’s water supply says surveillance video of the night in question doesn’t tell the whole story.

19-year-old Dallas Swonger didn’t want to show his face on camera, but he wants people to know what really happened.

It’s the surveillance video seen around the world.

The Portland Water Bureau says it shows 19-year-old Dallas Swonger urinating through a fence at the Mt. Tabor reservoir while his friends watch.

But, Dallas tells us his friends dared him to do it.

In the end, he didn’t.

“They were like dude I dare you to pee in the water. And I went up to the water but I didn’t, I peed against the wall,” Swonger said.

Swonger says even though he’s in the security video, the city can’t prove that actually he urinated in the water early Wednesday morning.

“Why did I decide not to pee in water? Um, because I didn’t want to pee in the water reservoir,” Swonger replied.

The city didn’t take any chances.

The water tested clean.

They drained 38 million gallons of water used for drinking anyway.

Swonger wants people to know, “I did not pee in the water and the state is retarded for fishing all that water.”

He also says he’s sorry.

“Yeah I apologize. I didn’t want all of this to go down. I didn’t know it was going to get national all of this for nothing,” Swonger said.

And about all the attention, Swonger tells us he’s not embarrassed.

“Kind of, not much. I mean I’m really sorry this all happened. But what can you do about it. It happened. I can’t just rewind time and be like oh no I’m not going to pee on that fence,” Swonger said.

The city has banned Swonger and his friends from going to the reservoir.

The city is also working with the DA’s office to determine if any criminal charges will be filed.

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