Wie credits fans with help in tour win

So many people came out to cheer on Michelle and she credits them for helping her win.

The crowd virtually willed her to win.

#LPGAWinnerSelfie with @themichellewie @LPGALOTTE
#LPGAWinnerSelfie with @themichellewie @LPGALOTTE

“Well like I said, the support of the fans, it was so much fun today. I did not want to disappoint them. I wanted to make them proud,” said Wie after winning the Lotte Championship at KoOlina.

“It is great for everyone. It is great for the resort, great for Oahu, great for the entire state,” KoOlina Pro Greg Nichols said. “There is a real ripple affect from not only the people coming and watching here but we have 16 hours of live tv is going world wide.”

Elizabeth Martinez, an 11-year-old fifth gr got an autograph of Wie.

“Cause she’s nice. She plays good, and she’s pretty,” said Martinez.

It was Michelle’s turn to pick up that win.

Hawaii has watched her through Punahou, and Stanford. They have cheered her ups and down. This time it was for the fans.

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