13-foot Hammerhead shark caught off Florida beach

13-foot Hammerhead shark caught off Florida beach

LAUDERDALE-BY-THE-SEA, Flor. (WSVN/CNN) — Beachgoers near Fort Lauderdale got a thrill of a lifetime when a fisherman snagged a giant hammerhead shark and pulled it right onto the beach.

The big fish hung out long enough to pose for cameras.

Mako shark caught in Florida
800-pound Mako shark caught in Florida

It’s a hammerhead, and it’s big: 13 feet.

And pulling it onto the beach is 21-year-old Ryan Polash.

“A lot of adrenaline running through your body. It is not easy,” Polash said.

A friend of Polash hooked the monster shark at the pier at Commercial Boulevard and A-1-A in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, and guided the shark toward shore.

Polash then grabbed ahold of the thrashing hammerhead and brought it onto the sand for a few photos.

“Got him in. The first time grabbed him, he pulled away. Second time, I got a good hold on him,” Polash said.

But the main reason in bringing the shark onto shore was to cut the heavy line as close to its mouth as possible.

“In order to release the fish on the pier, you would end up having to cut the line, and there would be about 15 foot of line tangling, hanging down from the fish, which would get caught on a reef, could end up killing the fish in the long run,” Polash said.

Out of town beachgoers were stunned.

“It was flailing around, everything like that, he cut the line, it was really cool,” witness Stephanie Milton said.

“It is a very big experience for us, for sure we are going to tell to everyone in Montreal we saw this,” witness Jenie Rivest said.

Polash, along with a couple others, quickly dragged the hammerhead back into the water.

Then watched it swim away.

“It is an achievement. It is cool to catch something big, to have a picture, and to show everyone. It is the ultimate catch!” Polash said.

Polash was left with scratches, he calls shark burn, from rubbing up against the hammerhead’s rough skin, and also the pictures to prove this is no fish tale.

“It is an amazing fish, when they are that big they are old, they are amazing creature, I don’t know why anyone would want to hurt them,” Polash said.

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