Petition circulates to dampen noise during UH football practice

Rainbow Warrior football practice at University of Hawaii at Manoa

A petition with several hundred signatures is circulating the University of Hawaii at Manoa campus to get rid of the noise coming from the Rainbow Warriors football practices.

During spring practice season, loud noise — including shouting, music and air horns — can be heard as early as 7:15 a.m. several times a week.

Students living in the surrounding dorms say it’s too loud too early in the morning.

“In no way does this petition or anyone involved with the petition requesting the football team stops practicing,” said University of Hawaii senior Daniel Martin. “The real issue is that the noise carries into the dormitory and common halls and residence areas of thousands of UH students and it’s really affecting them negatively.”

“We’re not doing it to be irritating,” said Rainbow Warriors head coach Norm Chow. “We’re doing it to help us. We need to get better. When there’s crowd noise, you need to holler plays. You don’t want miscommunication. You need focus, so that’s why we do it. We’re not doing it just to have fun with it.”

This week, practice has been moved from Cooke Field to the Clarence T.C. Ching Athletics Complex, which is farther away from the dorms, in preparation for Saturday’s Warrior Bowl scrimmage.

Martin says the student government will take up a resolution based on the petition at an upcoming meeting.

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