City wants public input on food truck parking policy

The city is asking the public to give input on its current parking permit policy for food trucks.

The public meeting was held at 6 p.m. Thursday in the Mission Memorial Hearings Room. The Dept. of Transportation Services and Dept. of Enterprise Services took comments and concerns regarding the implementation of Bill 1.

Bill 1, which became law on March 28, establishes a two-year pilot project that allows food trucks to park in specially designated “mobile food unit” parking stalls, which consist of two adjacent standard-sized parking stalls.

Operators have to apply for a permit to park in a stall and have the permit prominently displayed during its operation. The money collected from the permits will go into the city’s special events fund.

City officials explained a new law that would allow food trucks to operate within the state Capitol district at a public meeting tonight. The city still needs help in developing rules for implementing it.

“Impact I think will be dependent upon how city implements permitting and how much trucks they’re going to allow to park along the Capitol district area,” said David Cameron, a Capitol vendor.

“There’s some illegal vendors out there so they limit the amount of trucks that come over here. Yes, but, when they leave, vendors come around, what’s going to be happen, are they going to be cited?” shared Simply Ono owner Harris Sukita.

The mayor returned this bill to the council unsigned, because of the lack of input from vendors.

The feedback given tonight will help develop rules for the implementation of the bill. A public hearing will be held once rules are drafted.

Read the current food truck parking law.

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