DLNR investigates illegal lay net at Kahana Bay

Lay net

State officials are calling it a blatant act of greed, irresponsible and illegal behavior.

On April 17, Dept. of Land and Natural Resources enforcement officers responded to a tip of an abandoned lay net at Kahana Bay.

The net was more than 1,700 feet long. By the amount of dead marine life caught in it, it’s believed it had been there for at least two weeks.

“So a properly registered gil net, lay net, the maximum length is 125 feet. It can be laid for no more than four hours in a 24-hour period,” DLNR director William Aila said. “Rest assured that 1,700 plus feet of net is going to be destroyed. So that net is never going to be used again in a destructive manner as it was done this time.”

The net was not labeled. A full investigation is underway.

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