Firefighter pleads not guilty to terroristic threatening

Carlin Jones

A Honolulu firefighter accused of terroristic threatening has pleaded not guilty.

Carlin Jones was arrested March 19 after police say he used his car to try to run over a group of men in Waikiki. He was not on duty at the time.

“Mr. Jones has no record,” defense attorney Howard Luke told KHON2 last month. “He’s a firefighter. He’s a good man, a good family man. He’s the father of a very young child. He was on his way home and unfortunately this incident occurred and here we are today.”

Jones was also charged for impersonating a law enforcement officer. Police say he told the victims he was a police officer.

Jones was placed on administrative leave without pay while the Honolulu Fire Dept. conducted an administrative investigation. He is now back on duty.

“The purpose of HFD’s investigation was to determine if there were any work-related reasons to sanction or resign firefighter Jones,” the department said in a statement. “The HFD investigation determined that firefighter Jones’ actions were isolated to his off-duty behavior and could find no reason that he not be allowed to return to duty.”

Jones remains free after posting $25,000.

His trial date was set for the week of June 23.

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