Thieves steal 300 ft. of Hawaiian Telcom copper cable in Kalaeloa

Hawaiian Telcom says thieves stole about 300 ft. of copper cable in Kalaeloa, near the now-closed Barbers Point Naval Air Station.

The company says thieves sawed through two aerial cables, a 400 pair and a 200 pair, on Franklin D. Roosevelt Ave. between Tulagi Ave. and Forrestal Ave., potentially causing telephone and Internet service disruption to more than 200 Hawaiian Telcom customers.

This is the seventh time thieves have stolen Hawaiian Telcom’s copper cable from this general area over the past two years. The area has been relatively unoccupied since the NAS closed in 1999.

Hawaiian Telcom crews are working to replace the stolen cables. They must transport in and place two replacement cables and then painstakingly splice both the 400 pair and 200 pair sections. This work is scheduled to be completed this weekend.

Hawaiian Telcom reported the theft to the Honolulu Police Dept. The thieves have not been apprehended and the case remains under investigation.

Copper theft of one pound or more was established as a Class C Felony in the State of Hawaii in 2007 to deter the growing incidents of copper theft (HRS 708-835.7).

The public is urged to call 911 to report suspicious activity to police or to Hawaiian Telcom security at 643-7111.

Photo: Hawaiian Telcom

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