Bill to allow residential development in Kakaako-makai dies

The bill to allow OHA to build residential developments in Kakaako-makai has died.

Rally at Capitol
Rally to support OHA build residential units in Kakaako

Senate Bill 3122 was in conference committee since April 22, but the House and Senate could not agree on the language of the bill to move it forward.

Speaker Joseph M. Souki’s statement on SB 3122:

“After much deliberation, House and Senate conferees could not agree on a final version of SB3122. In addition, OHA has stated publicly that it would not support expanding the number of parcels for residential development in Kakaako-makai. We look forward to working with OHA during the interim to find solutions to help maximize the value of OHA’s Kakaako properties.”

Save Our Kakaako coalition rallies against proposed development
Save Our Kakaako coalition rallies against proposed development

OHA owns ten parcels of land in Kakaako and is looking at developing residential towers on three of those parcels – the ewa end of the property, fronting Ala Moana Boulevard, a parcel near Kewalo basin, and a fairly large parcel that is now being used as a parking lot.

OHA says money generated from the buildings would provide funding for grants to the community.

Opponents of the bill say the Kakaako land should be preserved as parks for public use and that the new developments slated for Kakaako would further overcrowd the area.

There is a law passed in 2006 that prohibits residential construction in Kakaako-makai.

Hawaii Revised Statutes §206E-31.5 Prohibitions. Anything contained in this chapter to the contrary notwithstanding, the authority is prohibited from: (2) Approving any plan or proposal for any residential development in that portion of the Kakaako community development district makai of Ala Moana boulevard and between Kewalo Basin and the foreign trade zone.

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