Head of Pacific Missile Range Facility relieved of duties

Courtesy: Missile Defense Agency

The executive officer of Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF) Barking Sands was relieved of his duties due to unsatisfactory performance.

Cmdr. Garron Morris was removed from his position on Thursday, April 24, by Capt. Bruce Hay, PMRF commanding officer. Officials would not elaborate further.

Morris, who had served as executive officer since March 2012, has been administratively reassigned within the same command.

According to a release from the U.S. Navy, an executive officer serves in a position of trust and responsibility and has a key role in shaping morale, good order and discipline within the command. Immediate superiors must have full confidence in the officer’s judgment and ability to lead.

PMRF Barking Sands is the world’s largest instrumented multi-environmental range capable of supporting surface, subsurface, air and space operations simultaneously with over 1,100 square miles of instrumented underwater range and over 42,000 square miles of controlled airspace.

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