Polynesian Voyaging Society to hire communications interns


The Polynesian Voyaging Society is looking for communications interns to keep Hokulea and Hikianalia connected with partners, community members, students and educators, volunteers, sponsors and the media during their upcoming world-wide journey.

The following is provided by the Polynesian Voyaging Society:

Job Description
You will be learning about and providing support in the areas of corporate communications, relationship management and media relations. We are in search of highly organized interns who will support the communications team with strong knowledge and understanding of digital and social media.


  • Helping to define public outreach and promotion of the voyage through social media, newsletters, press releases, website updates, etc.
  • Build and maintain relationships and correspondence with media outlets and the general public.
  • Responding to inquiries and comments.
  • Managing contributors and editing, organizing and disseminating associated content.
  • Tracking donations and corresponding with donors.
  • Organizing logistics associated with various aspects of the voyage.
  • Ensuring communications are true to the theme and values of the voyage.

College students or graduates with a background in communications, public relations or marketing. Individuals who have a strong background in the management of political campaigns may also apply. Can consistently and reliably dedicate no less than 18 hours per week.

Preferred Qualifications
Individuals who are good at, and passionate about writing. High level of organization and attention to detail. Comfortable and knowledgeable in Hawaiian culture and values. Familiarity with local media community.

Timeline and Details
For immediate hire. Applications are due by Tuesday, May 6. However, qualified candidates may be selected during the application window so apply as soon as possible. This 3-6 month internship requires office work near downtown Honolulu, 18 hrs/wk.

How to Apply
Please submit PDFs (2) of your resume and non-generic cover letter to Resume@PVSHawaii.org by Tuesday, May 6.

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