Big rig slams into California fast food restaurant

California tractor trailer runs into Jack in the Box
California tractor trailer runs into Jack in the Box

CERES, Calif. (KCRA.CNN) — An accident sent a big rig careening into a fast food restaurant in California Wednesday.

It happened in Ceres which is south of Sacramento.

Witnesses say it’s hard to believe their eyes.

A big rig stuck in the middle of drive though at Jack in the Box.

Police say it happened after the rig crashed into another car.

“Early reports indicate that the driver of the tractor trailer may have been at fault, but we still need to contact several witnesses,” Officer Jason Coley, Ceres Police Dept. said.

“Uh. I was wondering, hopefully there was no people injured,” a witness said.

The driver of the rig and the driver of the car were taken to the hospital with moderate injuries.

But no one inside the restaurant was hurt.

“This could have been very worse. We’re very fortunate that nobody was injured or killed. It very well could have been,” Officer Coley said. “Luckily and fortunately for us there was nobody inside the restaurant, no patrons. However, we got word that five minutes prior to the collision into the restaurant there was a patron inside.”

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