Hana Highway reopened after landslide

Photo courtesy Sandy McCurry Auweloa

Hawaii Department of Transportation Maui Highways District crews, working in cooperation with Maui County Public Works and a private contractor cleared the portion of Hana Highway the was blocked by a landslide.

Approximately 2,000 cubic yards of mud and debris blocked all access near Mile Post 14.8 just after 5:30 p.m. on Friday, May 2 near the area of Nuaailua Bay in Keanae.

About 100-feet of the highway was covered under debris that was around 20-feet-high.

Crews were able to open one lane by midnight to contraflow traffic through the area, and by about 5 a.m. re-opened the highway.

Fire crews were also working to find out if any cars were buried underneath the landslide.

“It was reported that the landslide had covered a vehicle possibly but there was no vehicle that they found. But it is unconfirmed that there still might be a vehicle under the mud itself,” Maui Fire Department Captain Lionel Montalvo said.

Red Cross had opened up an emergency shelter at Hana High School for those displaced by the Hana Hwy landslide. The shelter was closed at midnight when access was restored.

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