Danny Kaleikini’s license revoked after DUI arrest

Entertainer Danny Kaleikini will plead no contest to driving under the influence, according to his attorney Paul Cunney.

The 76-year-old did not appear in court Monday for his arraignment. Cunney entered an initial “not guilty” plea on Kaleikini’s behalf and requested a change of plea date.

Cunney says that’s when he plans to change Kaleikini’s plea to “no contest” and attempt to restructure a plea agreement with the prosecutor’s office.

“We’re not saying guilty or not guilty,” Cunney said. “We’re just saying he is not going to fight the case. He wants to take responsibly for this, I think that is the key.”

The singer, also known as the Ambassador of Aloha, previously told KHON2 that he made a mistake. Kaleikini said he was glad he was pulled over as a reminder to everyone not to drink and drive.

“It’s a borderline case with the alcohol level, but with the police stop and field sobriety test, he just wants to put it behind him,” Cunney said. “He has other things he has to look forward to.”

Cunney says Kaleikini gave up his license on Monday with a year suspension. He has no previous criminal record.

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