Surveillance video shows stowaway at Kahului Airport

Screen capture from surveillance video of Kahului Airport

The Hawaii Dept. of Transportation released Tuesday surveillance video of the stowaway at Kahului Airport.

On Sunday, April 20, authorities say a 15-year-old boy scaled a fence at Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport, wedged himself into the wheel well of a Hawaiian Airlines plane on a flight to Kahului.

Between oxygen depletion and the cold, most people would not survive the 5.5-hour flight, experts said.

The boy told investigators he lost consciousness when the plane took off and woke up after it landed.

Surveillance video shows the teen dropping from the side of the plane and wandering around the tarmac in Kahului.

Maui Airports District Manager Marvin Moniz said “the teen appeared disoriented and was questioned by a worker near the plane who alerted security.”

Authorities say the teen, who is from Santa Clara, had run away from his family and was trying to get to Somalia to see his mother. He has since returned to the mainland.

Video timeline:

  • 11:25:12 – Boy drops from plane
  • 11:25:32 – Boy wanders on tarmac
  • 11:26:32 – Boy approaches employee

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