Survey: Elite colleges don’t buy happiness for graduates

Many high school seniors are getting ready to pick the college they will attend in the fall but as they weigh their options, an intriguing new poll reveals some surprising results about the happiness of students at elite schools that may help them decide.

There is so much anxiety for high school seniors and their parents every year at this time and while everyone should aim for the best college they can get into, a new poll may take off a little of the pressure.

Similar to how money can’t buy happiness, this poll shows that going to an elite, Ivy League school can’t buy happiness either.

Gallup polled 30,000 college grads about their level of engagement at work and happiness after graduation. Only a minuscule three-percent said they had the experiences in college that led to great jobs and contentment post-graduation.

The poll found that the type of college, either Ivy League, public, private hardly mattered. Instead it was the experiences, what they did at school and how they experienced it, that did matter and contributed to that student thriving later on as a worker.

For example graduates who were engaged and inspired by their professors were twice as likely to be happy in their workplace later on.

Definitely some valuable information for high school seniors and their parents as they make that important decision about where to go to college. That it is not about the name on your degree or how prestigious a school is. It’s about how well the school fits with you and your personality.

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