Virginia university grants a dying father’s wish to see his daughter graduate

Bob and Brittany Inge
Bob and Brittany Inge

CREWE, VA (WRIC/CNN) — It’s one of those milestones in life most parent dreams of, seeing their child graduate from college.

But for one Virginia father battling cancer that dream seemed unattainable.

He wanted to see his daughter graduate, but didn’t think he could make it that long

Here’s a touching story of how the university made his dream come true.

“It almost leaves me speechless,” Brittany Inge said.

Priceless photos taken on a day Brittany and her father Bob will never forget.

“It meant a lot to me and my family,” Brittany said. “All these people did this for just me and my dad.”

Her dad, who has stage four lung cancer, was sent home from the hospital last week to say goodbye. Just two weeks before Brittany was to graduate from Longwood University.

“They told me the time was short and hopefully I would be able to make it,” Bob said.

Bob’s waited five years to see Brittany graduate. A day he never thought he might miss.

“This is one of those things as a father you want to see from birth,” Bob said.

Last week, Longwood University found out about the Inge family.

And out of the blue, one of the university’s vice presidents called Brittany.

“They wanted to offer me a special ceremony in order to let my dad see me graduate,” Brittany said. “I had no idea Longwood would go out of their way and it takes special people and special organizations to make this happen.”

So Monday morning, five days before the scheduled graduation, Brittany, her dad, and family members gathered at Longwood and she received her diploma from the president of the university.

Everybody was dressed up, just as if it was the normal graduation, except there was a lot less people.

As Brittany received her diploma, her dad had one thought: “I made it,” Bob said. “I didn’t have to go as long as I thought I was going to have to.”

Brittany and her family say they owe everything to Longwood for making a special occasion, even more special.

“I would hope that other universities and other organizations would take heart in this,” Bob said.

“The fact they made this miracle come true is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Brittany said.

Brittany now has her degree in elementary and middle school education.

She’s job hunting and hopes her dad is around to see her become a teacher.

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