Waikiki resident stumbles across real-life message in a bottle

Photo: Bridgette Coughlin

A Waikiki resident experienced her very own message in a bottle when she picked up what she thought was garbage on the beach.

Bridgette Coughlin, 29, made the discovery during her morning jog. “I came to the beach to look at the waves afterwards, and then I saw a Gatorade bottle on my beach, and so I thought that it was garbage,” she said.

The Waikiki resident usually picks up shells, sea glass and sometimes recyclables from the beach, “so I went ahead and I was about a foot away… and I noticed there was a letter inside,” Coughlin said.

The message read:

“Dear the person who find this bottle, Hello, my name is Hannah. If you found this bottle please send me a (sic) email. From, Hannah. Bellevue, WA, U.S.A.”

So, Coughlin sent an email and Hannah emailed back. “It’s just really exciting to know that that bottle took the journey all the way from Washington state to our beautiful island of Oahu,” Coughlin said.

Hannah told Coughlin she threw the bottle into the ocean several months ago and that she was amazed it traveled close to 3,000 miles from Washington to Waikiki, where it must be sunny and warm.

Coughlin says she doesn’t know much about Hannah, but suspects she may be a young girl. “She did respond a little bit,” Coughlin said. “I think this is the beginning of a great friendship.”

Originally from Chicago, Coughlin has been living in Hawaii for the past 11 years. She was recently laid off from her job and says this bottle’s journey has changed her life path a bit.

“It brought me good luck. My boyfriend proposed to me and I think it was a really great thing to happen,” she said. “I think it’s symbolic of the journey you can make in your life or just having something anything is achievable.”

As for the bottle itself, Coughlin cleaned and recycled it.

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