Airfare war offers $52 Neighbor Island fares

When it comes to air travel, it’s no secret.

“I think it’s kind of overpriced,” a traveler said.

“I wish they would give us a break,” another traveler said.

So seeing this, a two-day sale, is a welcome sight. Island Air made the announcement first, and Hawaiian Airlines, responded.

On Thursday and Friday, travelers can pay $52 for a one-way ticket between the following cities. For Island Air, fares are good between now and June 18, and for Hawaiian, between May 19 and June 18.

“In this case we have a much more civilized competition with both companies. Hawaiian and Island Air kind of seeing what the other will do and this kind of falling back and forth is pretty typical,” said Peter Forman, aviation analyst.

Forman says this airfare war makes sense, unlike the previous battle, which included go! Airlines.

“In that situation, it was to burn up Aloha’s cash and put Aloha out of business,” Forman said. “At that time anything under $50 was irrational. Everyone lost money.”

Everyone except travelers.

“I think it’s a great thing for the economy at this time. Get a lot more travelers. it’s an exciting way to be able to go somewhere,” said Jennifer Kailimai, traveler.

Forman believes this move benefits both carriers, by attracting extra customers to make up for the drop in prices. But he gives one airline a slight advantage.

“In this particular case it’s going to be more advantageous to Island Air because Hawaiian already has a higher percentage of their seats filled, so that might be part of the strategy,” he said.

The airlines did not say if and when they would have this type of sale again, but Forman believes, it could be awhile.

“You will see these from time to time but you’re not going to see the crazy air wars with go!” Forman said.

The fares are only available online.

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