Phoenix man gives adoptive mom kidney

Ingeborg and Jordan McIntosh
Ingeborg and Jordan McIntosh

PHOENIX (KPHO/CNN) — A woman in Phoenix received a priceless Mother’s Day gift from her adoptive son.

It turns out it will actually add many years to her life.

How a mother’s love inspired his once-in-a-lifetime act of kindness.

More than 120 foster kids have passed through the McIntosh’s home, but few stole their hearts quite like Jordan.

“They placed him in my arms and it was love at first sight,” Ingeborg McIntosh remembers.

McIntosh says she had to fight to adopt Jordan after fostering him since birth.

“She wanted him to go either into an African American home or a biracial home,” Ingeborg said.

No other homes were available, and the adoption became final when Jordan was 4.

“I mean, he was a part of the family, no matter what,” Ingeborg said.

But Ingeborg became sick with polycystic kidney disease and last summer she knew she needed a transplant.

What she didn’t know is that Jordan was already confirming he’s a match.

“I feel like this was my calling in life, I guess. Hopefully I can do more for her as I get older, but as of right now, it’s the least I could do,” Jordan said.

“I kept telling him up until almost the time of the surgery, you can back out, and he said, ‘no mom, I want to do this for you.’ He goes, ‘You took me in and now I want to do this for you.’ Can’t ask for a better son,” Ingeborg said.

The surgery went off without a hitch last month. Jordan says after his mom fought so hard to keep him around. He’s happy he could return the favor.

“Everything she’s done for me since I was a kid, I just wanted to give it back to her, and show her how much I appreciate her,” Jordan said.

He also hopes by sharing his story, people will see it’s never too late to pay it forward.

“It might be, be immediately, or 27 years down the line, but something good is gonna to come your way,” Jordan said.

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