Court cleans up after sprinkler flooding, will be open Monday

Circuit Court

The damage is still being assessed after a broken sprinkler caused major flooding at Circuit Court late Thursday night.

The sprinkler dumped water for about 45 minutes before fire crews got into the building and stopped the flood. The cleanup meant an all-nighter for the custodial staff.

“(We were) moving furniture to get access in certain places. The ceiling, a lot of it, has been missing, and we’ve got to replace it now,” said custodian Josh Nunies. “(We) got here at about 10 (p.m.). We usually start work at like six in the morning.”

The custodians also brought in things in like a high-powered fan to try and soak up moisture and limit damage as best they can.

“Two courtrooms and two judges chambers (were damaged) as well,” said Tammy Mori, communications director for the state judiciary. “And then it seeped into the second floor where there is a lot of ceiling damage.”

Despite all the damage, it was business as usual Friday.

“If there was any positive to this, it was the fact that there was mandatory judge’s training today, so there weren’t any hearings scheduled in Judge Perkins’ or Judge Alm’s (courtrooms),” Mori said.

There are more than 2,000 sprinkler heads in the four-story building, and the system and the building itself are about 30 years old.

The system is checked annually and the first sprinkler system was already set for an upgrade.

“Moving into Monday, we’re going to have Judge Perkins’ courtroom — that’s where the most extensive damage there — they will be relocating to Judge Chan’s courtroom,” Mori said.

Mori said a damage estimate will come at a later date, after they get a better idea of the scope of the problems.

“We will also be reaching out to DAGS (Dept. of Accounting and General Services) as well to do the actual building assessment, and decide what we need to do from here to make the additional repairs,” Mori said.

The court will be open on Monday. Visitors are urged to check the court calendar upon arrival.

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