Drones and offensive comments emerge from North Korea

North Korean drone
North Korean drone

(KCTV/CNN) — Primitive spy drones found in South Korea are apparently the latest espionage tool from the north.

North Korean drones, not technically sophisticated, but programmed to slip into South Korean air space fly over military installations and the presidential residence and bring back images.

They were found crashed in South Korea near the border with the north. US and Korean investigators determined they were sent by Kim Jong Un’s military, just as the north was lobbing missiles in the region and is believed to be on the verge of a new nuclear test.

“I wouldn’t read too much in terms of the material impact. I think the psychological impact of it is perhaps more damaging,” John Park, NE Asia Specialist, Harvard Kennedy School said.

The drone discovery comes as the dictator launched a personal attack on President Obama, having his state media publish a rant laced with racial slurs from North Korean citizens referring to the president as a monkey and calling for “divine punishment to the juvenile delinquent Obama.”

The Obama administration was not amused.

“The leader of North Korea should focus more on improving the lives of his own people than in saying these kinds of ridiculous things,” Marie Harf, US State Department said.

Recent satellite images indicate increased activity at North Korea’s main nuclear site

And Seoul says the tunnel is being sealed, a final step before detonation.

A former member in the inner circle of Kim’s father – Kim Jong Il told CNN’s Chistiane Amanpour that the son keeps acting out in order to consolidate his own power.

“He has no one inside North Korea. He did not build up his power to get where he was. He received it symbolically,” North Korean defector Jang Jin-Sung said.

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