Letter carriers help with national food drive

Letter carriers were out and about on Saturday in an effort to “stamp out hunger.”

It was the 22nd annual National Association of Letter Carriers’ food drive. Residents were asked to put non-perishable items next to their mail boxes. The food donations would then be picked up as the carriers completed their routes.

The U.S. Postal Service considers this the largest one-day effort to combat hunger in the country.

“Our goal every year is to surpass last year’s total,” said local food drive coordinator Adele Yoshikawa. “So last year, we had 500,000 pounds of food, and right now I’m guessing we will pass (that total).”

According to Yoshikawa, a popular item in Hawaii “the past few years would be Vienna sausage, because people feel like they’re giving a lot. It’s like 18 cans in a pack, and for that price, you know it still can feed a lot of families.”

A total of 74 million pounds were donated on a nationwide scale.

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