Vibram USA settles $3.75M lawsuit over barefoot style shoes

Vibram USA FiveFinger shoes
Vibram USA FiveFinger shoes

The company behind “FiveFingers” barefoot-style shoes has agreed to a multi-million-dollar settlement.

Vibram USA was the subject of a class-action lawsuit over health claims it made about its shoes.

The company said the shoes could prevent injuries and strengthen muscles.

Critics argue there is no science to back up these claims.

While the company denies any wrongdoing, it has agreed to pay out 3.75-million dollars to people who bought the glove-like shoes.

It says it will also stop making health claims in its ads.

If the settlement is approved, people who bought the shoes after March 2009 would be eligible for a refund.

In 2012, Skechers agreed to pay a $40 million to people who bought their Shape-ups shoes because they claimed the shoes promoted weight loss and cardiovascular health better than other brands, and Reebok settled a similar suit for their toning shoes for $25 million with the Federal Trade Commission.

*At this time of this post, the website to file a claim is not ready. It will be located at

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