CHP officer with a big heart saves a little dog from freeway divider

CHP officer save chihuahua
CHP officer save chihuahua

WALNUT CREEK, CA (KTVU/CNN) – A California chihuahua has a new lease on life thanks to the California Highway Patrol.

CHP Contra Costa tweeted a photo of the rescue that happened Friday afternoon.

The picture shows the small Chihuahua crouched on the center divider of Interstate 680 in Walnut Creek.

The officer used pieces of a protein bar to lure the little dog closer to him until he was able to pick it up.

Sgt. Williams-Cain says people abandon their pets on freeways more often than you might think.

“Animals being trapped on the freeway – it does happen. You know, not as often as many people think but it does happen pretty often,” Sgt. Cedric Williams-Cain said.

So far no one has come forward with information on how the dog ended up in such a dangerous place.

The Chihuahua is now at a Martinez animal shelter. Not surprisingly, numerous people replied to the Contra Costa CHP’s initial tweet, offering to adopt the dog.

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