Cemetery to replace a dozen headstones after car crash

Oahu Cemetery and Crematory
Oahu Cemetery and Crematory

A Nuuanu cemetery is working to replace about a dozen headstones after a car came crashing through.

Oahu Cemetery and Crematory said on April 28, a man apparently lost control of his sedan when he tried to step on his brake and hit the gas pedal instead.

“The car jumped forward and then he tried to stop,” said Scott Power, COO, Oahu Cemetery and Crematory. “He hit the gas pedal again, and unfortunately the car crashed into these various headstones.”

No one was injured, but the accident knocked a dozen headstones off their foundations. Most of the headstones are made of granite and are loosely secured to their foundations, Power said. Some were also chipped or scratched, he added.

The cemetery is working with the driver and his insurance company on the repairs.

“We’ve been reaching out to the families and notifying them. and we’re in the process of talking to the insurance companies to get them resolved and getting quotes to replace the headstones,” Power said.

Damage is estimated at $30,000 and it could take a few months to completely restore the headstones, Power said.

A similar incident happened in another part of the cemetery about 25 years ago, according to Power.

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