Delay in hit-and-run sentencing disappoints victim’s supporters

Dominic Franklyn

There was a delay Monday in the sentencing of a Navy man who was involved in a hit-and-run that killed a Hawaii Pacific University student in November of 2011.

Dominic Franklyn’s attorney is hoping a relatively new court called Veterans Treatment Court will be more helpful to his client.

Franklyn originally pleaded guilty to a felony charge and could get at least 10 years in prison. But Monday’s move in Circuit Court postponed his sentencing for another month.

Family and friends of Danforth-Moore wore yellow T-shirts in court to honor the memory of the young woman. Her mother Lisa Moore said in court that HPU will give her daughter the degree in psychology she was studying for before she was killed.

The family sees justice being needlessly delayed. “To drive off and leave someone without even stopping to help, I see no pride. I only see coward in that,” said Danforth-Moore’s grandfather Darryl Moore.

Defense attorney Richard Hoke said the fatal accident left his client with serious mental issues. He told Judge Karen Ahn that Franklyn “is under psychotherapy as well as treatment. … We would ask the court to allow us the opportunity to apply for entrance into that program.”

Judge Edward Kubo, who oversees the local Veterans Treatment Court, cautioned that Franklyn has a number of legal hurdles he has to cross before he could end up in front of him. One of the tenets of the program is that those veterans who fail to complete their treatment will be prosecuted and sentenced for their crime.

“I’m just really disappointed,” said Danforth-Moore’s father Stephen Danforth. “Obviously. we knew that this could happen. So, really, just disappointed that this is not finished.”

Franklyn’s trial continues June 13.

Friends and family of the victim wore yellow T-shirts in solidarity.

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