Molokai Ranch to bring 100% grass-fed beef to Hawaii market

Molokai Ranch is launching initiatives to achieve sustainability, starting with the reestablishment of ranching operations that will bring premium 100% grass-fed beef to the local market this Fall.

Hawaii’s second largest ranch is implementing innovative projects to build a viable future for the Molokai community. The Ranch will offer hormone-free Angus beef, locally born, raised, and finished on Molokai.

Molokai Ranch’s herd is primarily Angus, with a breeding program to introduce locally-raised Wagyu Beef to Hawaii within the next few years.

Cattle operations at Molokai Ranch are strong with a growing herd of cattle roaming 30,000 acres of pastures, and a vision to maintain the highest standards of animal welfare. The island’s climate and mob-grazing methods are ideal for producing consistently high-quality meat.

Advanced techniques and the expertise of ranchers that have carried the paniolo tradition through generations will ensure that Molokai produces the finest beef, superior in tenderness and flavor.

Currently, the Ranch is looking to supply Molokai Ranch Beef products to select manufacturers, restaurants, and markets that value ranch-to-table.

The premium quality meat will be offered to specialty restaurants that exemplify the home-grown, organic movement.

Molokai Ranch is also searching for a signature chef to be featured at an exclusive event to launch the brand. Committed to making locally raised grass-fed beef available to Hawaii consumers, the Ranch welcomes the opportunity to build the appropriate long-term partnerships.

Additionally, the Ranch is exploring renewable energy to decrease the island’s carbon footprint and reduce electricity costs. The recent progress of Molokai Ranch will result in job creation, and will soon include sustainable farming and the restoration of landmark resorts.

Responsible tourism and farming, along with ranching and renewable energy will move Molokai toward a sustainable future.

Molokai Ranch is Hawaii’s second largest ranch, spanning 55,000 acres of beach and countryside.

The Ranch has a long and proud history on the Friendly Isle since its founding more than a century ago.

For more information, click here.

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