New 3D printer prints makeup in any color you can find

Grace Choi, Mink
Grace Choi, Mink

(CNN) — Imagine never running out of your favorite color of lipstick or eye shadow again.

A recent Harvard grad has come up with a brilliant way for people to create their own makeup color – then print it out – yes print it out – in the comfort of their own home.

“Yeah, so this printer it’s a printer that prints makeup. It can take any image and instantly transform it into what ever color cosmetic. So basically it can basically turn any phone, camera or laptop, into a beauty aisle. So right now you could pretty much print eyeshadows, powders, lipsticks, eyeliners, nail polish,” Grace Choi, Mink said. “So imagine you’re watching a beauty blogger showing you how to put on a eyeshadow and you see something you like; so you just pause the video, you take your color picker, move over to any software to print.”

Choi says the process only takes a few seconds.

“It’s finally training our girls to understand that, the definition of beautiful should be in their control and not the corporations.

“If you go into a store and you try to look for a foundation shade or a powder shade and it doesn’t match you can’t find anything that matches because there’s like only seven colors you know you feel like kinda weird like maybe there’s something wrong with the way you look.

“Growing up I felt that as well, coming from an ethnic background.

“The covergirls right now, they’re Caucasian, they’re Black and they’re Latina. There are no Asian covergirls; there are no Indian covergirls or mixed race covergirls and that’s because of business. Because those are the three biggest markets.

“It’s just a very big societal issue that I believe the beauty industry just needs to change in that kind of way. Hopefully, that’s how maybe we’re going to change the beauty industry,” Choi explains.

Maybe this is how.

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