Applicants camp out for Rycroft Terrace sales

Sales of 162 affordable units in downtown Honolulu are expected to go fast.

About 30 people are already in line to turn in their application for units in Rycroft Terrace which once belonged to the Pagoda Hotel.

Applications will start being accepted Saturday morning.

The first person in line has been there since 10 a.m. Wednesday.

“My mother is a minimum wage worker and it’ll be really helpful if we had a place that we own just so its easier for the following generations and myself and her,” said Mark Lee, who was first in line.

“What I do is I pass out tickets as they arrive. And then throughout the night I will change the ticket so that if they leave they lose their place in line. My feeling is if someone is going to spend the night, everyone has to spend the night to be equal,” developer Peter Savio said.

Fee simple studios, and one and two bedroom apartments will range from $118,000 to $270,000.


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