Republican Elwin Ahu files nomination papers for Lt. Gov.

Elwin Ahu, Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor

A new candidate has entered the race for lieutenant governor.

Former Hawaii Circuit Court judge Elwin Ahu filed his nomination papers on Wednesday. He will be running as a Republican.

This comes after State Senator Clayton Hee officially threw his hat into the ring over the weekend as a Democratic candidate.

After filing, Ahu announced his candidacy in a press conference in front of the Queen Liliuokalani statue at the State Capitol.

Ahu was one of the leaders against the same-sex marriage bill that went into law last year. He was born and raised in Pearl City, and currently serves as senior pastor of New Hope Metro.

When asked about same-sex marriage, Ahu said that while “it’s already passed into law, what made me uncomfortable is the process that happened during the special session. It was not fair to the people. I wanted their voices to be heard. … I want to bring back fairness to government and trust in (our) leaders.”

Ahu reiterated an earlier statement he made in his candidacy that lawmakers are unfamiliar with the spirit of the preamble of the Constitution of Hawaii that states that the people of Hawaii be “grateful for Divine Guidance, and mindful of our Hawaiian heritage, (and) reaffirm our belief in a government of the people, by the people and for the people.”

“(Lawmakers) are not mindful of our Hawaiian heritage and the values that were established,” he said, as well as how divine guidance can be applied to the issues that confront today’s Hawaii.

Ahu said a policy team is being assembled to address other issues of concern like homelessness and the building of the rail system.


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