School’s mascot will join Hokulea’s voyage

Hokulea crew member Maui Tauotaha has teamed up with students from Lunalilo Elementary School to give the children updates online as the canoe travels across the ocean to Tahiti.

Students presented Tauotaha with a special gift to take with him on his journey — their school mascot Imiloa, the Hawaiian hawk.

“Imiloa will be the connection with the canoe,” Tauotaha said, “so they will have a piece of themselves on the wa’a (canoe) that will travel the world and help teach malama pono (taking good care) at their school.”

Hokulea is planning to set sail this Saturday at 5:30 p.m. from Sand Island. The canoe’s first stop will be in Hilo, and then on to Tahiti.

Stay tuned to KHON2 and go to for continuing coverage of Hokulea’s voyage.

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