Hawaii’s MLB stars, weekly update

Kolten Wong / AP

Hawaii is represented well in the major leagues. Players like Shane Victorino and Kurt Suzuki are household names here in the 808 state. This weekly post highlights some of the players from the islands in the major leagues and their performances so far in their last couple games and for the season.

Greg Garcia: The St. Louis Cardinals optioned the 2010 seventh round pick to Memphis this week. The former UH Warrior was hit by a pitch on Tuesday night, resulting in a score for the Cards’. During the past seven days, Garcia has three at-bats with one run, one hit, one RBI and averaging .333.

Brandon League: The Crusader alumni has 4.1 innings pitched in the last seven days. League also averaged three hits, two bases on balls, two strike-outs, a .092 WHIP and a 0.00 ERA. The next game for the Dodgers is against the Diamondbacks tomorrow at Chase Field.

Kurt Suzuki: The Wailuku native had three hits, two runs and a double with five at-bats in the 3-4 win against Boston today. In the past week, the Twins catcher had 21 at-bats, one run, seven hits, three RBI’s, one BB and averaged .333.

Shane Victorino: The Flyin’ Hawaiian had the day off when his Red Sox played against Suzuki’s team today. Victorino averaged .333 with 21 at-bats, four runs, seven hits, one triple, and 6 RBI’s in the last seven days.

Jerome Williams: The Marauder alumni has 2.0 innings pitched in the past week. The Astros pitcher has one strike-out and allowed three hits, two runs, and two earned runs this past week and an ERA of 9.00 and a WHIP of 1.50. Houston’s next game is against the Chicago White Sox at home.

Kolten Wong: Last but not least is former UH Warrior standout Kolten Wong. The St. Louis Cardinals brought back their first round draft pick this after a monster Triple-A performance with four hits and four RBI’s. However, the team does not anticipate the second basemen being available for the game against the Cubs after Wong was sent home with a stomach illness.

That’s it for this week’s updates on Hawaii MLB stars. Check in next week for the highlights and stats on our local players.

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