Man pulls parents to safety as house goes up in flames

Pono St., Waimalu

A Waimalu man saved his parents when flames engulfed their home early Friday.

The call came in just before 3 a.m. from a home on Pono St.

“My wife woke up and she saw the house on fire, so we immediately evacuated,” said neighbor Chris Jambaro.

In the chaos, 50-year-old Brian Liborio had just enough time to pull his father, Bob, 83, and mother, Beatrice, 80, to safety.

Emergency Medical Services
Emergency Medical Services

Family members were stunned.

“They told me that your grandparents are okay,” said Jessica Liborio. “Grandpa had to be taken (to the hospital). He had some minor burns. He’s in stable condition, but his concern besides the dogs were the golf clubs in his car.”

Sadly, two family dogs and a bird did not make it.

Homes on Pono St. are very close to each other. One neighbor said that tree likely saved her property.

Others weren’t so lucky. Flames damaged the side of a neighboring house and nearby vehicles.

Neighbor Barbara Paulo knows what the Liborios are going through. Her home burned down 20 years ago.

“Coping with the insurance companies, the legal side of it, it adds complete stress,” she said.

The fire caused a total of $425,000 in damage to the house and four vehicles in the garage.

Fire investigators spent the morning digging through the rubble looking for what started the fire. The cause is still under investigation.

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