Hyatt brought on to manage Coco Palms Resort on Kauai

Coco Palms Resort (File photo)

We’re getting our first glimpse at plans to bring Coco Palms Resort back to life on Kauai.

A Hyatt official confirmed the hotel chain will be involved when the iconic resort reopens.

Sue Kanoho, executive director, Kauai Visitors Bureau, called it great news that Hyatt was chosen to manage Coco Palms.

The resort was made famous as the setting for the Elvis Presley film, “Blue Hawaii,” but was closed after Hurricane Iniki hit back in 1992.

With Hyatt at the helm, can guests look forward to a return to the resort’s glory days?

“I really do feel that what they’re attempting to do is really bring back that core feeling of what Coco Palms was back in the day, but of course, with a little more modern feel to it,” Kanoha said.

Hyatt already operates one hotel on the island, Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa in Poipu.

“They had somebody who was really dedicated to doing cultural events and really sharing with the visitors something that’s more authentic. So I was really appreciative of their cultural program and the continuation of trying to really expand people’s education about our host culture.”

The developer of the project has a two-year permit for the planning phase. Once that’s approved, construction can begin.

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