Out-of-work Texas runner inspires drivers with signs and songs

Jimmy Lee Robinson
Jimmy Lee Robinson

LITTLE ELM, TX (WFAA/CNN) — A Texas man says he doesn’t have much in life, but he’s still smiling and singing and encouraging others to do the same.

People that live near Eldorado and the Dallas North Tollway in Frisco usually see Jimmy Lee Robinson during the afternoon rush.

“It ain’t what you got. It’s what you do that makes you happy,” Robinson said.

He’s just a happy guy who’s jogging.

“God bless you my friend.”

And holding up signs.

“I go out there with a positive attitude. I’m putting good energy in the world. I’m praying,” Robinson said.

He’s got a lot of messages to share. But they all boil down to one theme… love.

“My favorite motto: ‘Get better baby!'” Robinson said.

“Whatever you want in life, go do it!” Robinson said.

“Why were you created? You are in important. God don’t make no mistakes my friend,” Robinson said.

Robinson was born when his mother was 14. He never knew his father.

“I don’t claim to be no saint. I don’t claim to be perfect. I just claim to be available. Lord, I’m available for you to go out there and say anybody that’s going through anything – send them my way. I’ll smile, I’ll wave. I’ll tell them to pray,” Robinson said.

He says he’s got a college degree but now he’s unemployed and sleeping on a couch in his brother’s garage. And it’s just fine with him.

“This my baby man. I just lay down right here and just think about better days. My friend, it’s going to be okay,” Robinson said.

And it’s not only that old couch that Robinson loves.

“God bless you.  Be strong, be strong, be strong!” Robinson said.

He loves you too.

“Jimmy Lee believes in God,” Robinson said. “It will be okay because you never know what somebody is going though. It’ll be okay.”

What’s going to be okay?

“Whatever they going through. Whatever it is. It’s gonna be okay. It’s not that hard. Tough times don’t last always. Look at me I ain’t got nothing. Look it, I can smile,” Robinson said.

And run…

And inspire…

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