UH Athletics Director Ben Jay releases statement on NCAA investigation

Ben Jay

A late March NCAA inquiry was launched into Rainbow Warrior basketball assistant coach Brandyn Akana’s mistake on a document.

Sources have told KHON2 that at least one former basketball player is being questioned by investigators regarding areas not involving Akana’s situation.

When we spoke to head coach Gib Arnold about the ongoing investigation on May 2nd, he was adamant that his program was clean, and that he “invites the NCAA in, we’ve got nothing to hide”.

This afternoon, the University of Hawai’i athletics department issued a statement on the NCAA’s investigation into rules violations on lower campus:

“Amid current media speculation, the University of Hawai’i at Manoa Department of Athletics acknowledges that there is an ongoing NCAA investigation of potential rules violations. As a member institution of the NCAA, we have an obligation to monitor and control our athletics program, a duty to report all instances of noncompliance with NCAA rules and cooperate fully with and assist the NCAA enforcement staff. Our responsibility also requires that our institutional representatives and student–athletes protect the integrity of the investigation. Under NCAA enforcement rules, a failure to cooperate could lead to an independent allegation and/or be considered by the NCAA as a factor when determining potential penalties.

In light of the ongoing investigation and our obligation to state and Federal laws, we are not able to discuss or share information about the investigation. Our Department considers any alleged violation of NCAA rules to be a serious matter and we have, and will continue to, fully cooperate with the NCAA staff in this matter.

Thank you for your understanding, respect and your continued support of University of Hawai’i at Manoa Athletics. GO BOWS!”

-Athletics Director Ben Jay

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