Bikers do a Sunday ride to honor fallen officers

A thousand bikers – on their own or members of clubs, riding solo or tandem – made a trek across the island today as part of a fund-raiser. Entry fees go to the Hawaii Law Enforcement Memorial Foundation. The bikers made their way to east Honolulu where their first stop was Sandy’s. Funds raised from this third annual ride go to support a permanent memorial for fallen law enforcement officers.

“Doing a cause like this really helps remember that there are policemen here that we lose on a regular basis and their job is very important and we need to make sure that when we do lose people here from home, we got to memorialize them and keep them in our memory forever.” Charity rider Capt. Tiffany Batiste said.

Decked out in their colors, the bikers made a statement about their clubs, themselves – but more importantly the role of law enforcement in our community.

“A lot of people think that’s somebody else’s problem. Well, you know what, it’s not. These officers that we’re memorializing gave the ultimate sacrifice and that’s what we’re here to remember.” MC Bobby Torres said.

The bikers finished their ride at Cycle City near the airport. Organizer Mike Oakland said the memorial is the focal point of fund raising.

It’s to maintain the facility as well, but also at some point the foundation wants to create scholarships for officers families for school.” Iron Circle Mike Oakland said. “we have to remember what they’ve given for our community in the line of duty whether they’re police officers, sheriffs, federal agents and basically what they’ve given so that we can work, play and live in Hawaii.”

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